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Web Design & SEO Services

PageCafe offers personalize assistance with all of your website needs.
We work with you to give you the perfect website and the best SEO service around.

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    Get top rank in local and mobile search.
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  • DIY SEO" data-mosaic-order-date="2013-02-03 15:39:52">
    Free DIY Local SEO eBook downloads.

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    Get found for your most important keywords.
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    Distinctive website design that is affordable and gets results.
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Are you a business owner looking for affordable SEO and Web Design services?

Are you a business owner looking for affordable SEO and Web Design services?

We started with Colorado SEO and web design, but we now serve clients across the US. We are SEO experts and specialists in local search engine optimization (SEO) with massive experience in Google Plus Local, Yelp and other major local search directories.

Pagecafe Internet Consulting, Inc. is a top ranked local SEO and Joomla website design company servicing Colorado Springs and national clients. We are experts in both organic and local SEO, Google pay per click using Adwords and Joomla website design.

Let's have a coffee and talk about your web business. Contact us for a free consultation.

SEO & Web Design that Gets Results

Looking for affordable expert SEO services, DIY Local SEO or Joomla website design specialists? Since 1997 we have helped hundreds of national companies and local small business get high rankings via search engine optimization (SEO), local search and Joomla website design.

It's a common misconception that web design and SEO companies are mutually exclusive, that web designers don't understand SEO and vice-versa. Well, this is true for some companies. However, the optimal situation for your business is for your SEO and web designer to be in synch.

There are many aspects of web design that affect SEO.  For example, site load speed is an important SEO factor so your website design must account for fast loading. There are many other design factors effecting SEO including page titles, internal link structure and of course content. Bottom line, a good web services company should keep both website design and SEO in their bag of tricks.

SEO & Web Design Specialists Since 1997

Established in 1997, PageCafe Internet Consulting, Inc. provides organic and local search engine optimization (SEO), Joomla web design, SEO training & on-going website management services to business, government and non-profit organizations.

We work for institutions of all sizes and industries. We offer an unique "personal service" approach to Internet business owners.

Located near Colorado Springs, CO., our president and lead SEO Consultant is Allan Todd.  Allan started Pagecafe in 1998 and has worked full time as an Internet consultant since then.

Our Custom SEO Approach

Contact us today to learn more about how we can create a custom SEO approach for you.

Ethical search optimization tactics supported by Google and proven to work.

Experts in both organic SEO and Local search engine optimization.

SEO coaching and video tutorials for cost effective Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Local Search Marketing.

Stop procrastinating!

Get your SEO going today!

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