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Monetize Your Blog: When and How

With more than 50 percent of bloggers using affiliated advertising tactics on their blog, per Technorati's 2011 survey, Affiliate Marketing Navigator recommends bloggers consider monetizing as a strategy to gain income from the blog. After all, other industries — from brick and mortar stores to sole proprietorships — don't delay their search for return on investment. If you enjoy gaining readership for your blog and want to earn passive income, consider monetizing your blog to expand your reach and profit.

When to monetizing your blog

Pro blogger Darren Rowse recommends monetizing your blog as early as possible. Even if readership is low, income may trickle in. Often, earning a few cents from your blog will make more you excited to keep earning and expanding your reach than earning those three comments on a new post. Don't be shy about getting into the ad game, even as a new blogger.

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Ways to Monetize

If you blog to promote your upcoming book, you'll want to select a different advertising strategy than if you blog for fun. Consider these revenue-enhancing strategies to make money off your blog:

  • Affiliate advertising: Affiliate advertising offers a low barrier to entry, so many bloggers start by affiliating with companies such as Amazon or eBay. Sign up as an affiliate, then select products to promote. Promote products on your website by blogging about them, or featuring them in a sidebar. If readers click through to buy products from the affiliate, you'll earn a commission.
  • Selling goods or services: Creative bloggers can earn money by selling goods or services directly, using a shopping cart module integrated into the blogging platform. If you're new to blogs and websites, is an ideal resource for learning how to use shopping cart modules and other add-ons.
  • Selling content: If you're a thought leader with the power to influence and experience to back it up, you can charge a fee for content. Even if you're new to blogging, your existing reputation is secure enough that readers will be likely to pay for content.
  • Sell ad space: If you have a wide readership, businesses will want to pay to advertise directly to your readers. As you build readership, use placeholder ads from programs such as Google's AdSense to earn some income and get readers used to ad presence on your page.

Making Your Blog Worth it for Readers

Once you've monetized your blog using one or more of the methods here, focus on maintaining the quality of content that makes your blog unique. Knowing your voice, your products and your audience will help you naturally connect to readers. Create a blogging calendar to keep on track with developing content. Spend time each day interacting with other bloggers in your network, by visiting, commenting on, and sharing their work. This is a great way to gain exposure for your blog, Rowse notes, by reaching out to new crowds who share interest in your topic and networking with them. As you write content, work in keywords that will drive search engine users to your blog. Not only will these tips help you write a better blog, they will drive more money to your blog through your chosen strategies.


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