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Web design and SEO are tightly coupled. Some SEO agencies will poke fun at web designers doing SEO. We believe SEO and web design are two sides of the same coin.

Our Process

We've been working with websites and SEO since the 90's. Over the years we've used lengthy questionnaires, 10-step processes, flowcharts, page mock-ups, etc.

Truth be told, these tools worked occasionally but most of the time these boring documents did not make for happy clients.

So, lucky for you, our motto now is "keep it simple, keep it clear and keep is easy".

How we get started:

This is how we get started with new clients:

  1. Familiarization - You can visit our downtown office or we can chat on the phone. Your needs and goals are explored in detail.  We explain our methods and services.

  2. Estimate - We jointly determine the level of service you need. You receive a verbal quote for the monthly fee. All questions are answered.

  3. Hiring us - You call or email that you want to get started. We email the first recurring invoice for the monthly fee.  You setup auto pay using a credit card.

  4. Start - We start within 5 business days of the paid invoice.

Our Guiding Principles

  1. Kick-off Meeting - The first step in all our SEO and website design projects is a one to two hour meeting to get to know you and your business in detail.  Much of the marketing content for your website and social media will either be developed or outlined in this meeting.

  2. Web Marketing Strategy -  The first product we will deliver is a strategy and plan for your project.  This is shared, discussed and approved. 

  3. Phased Development in Small Deliverables - We will prototype website designs, content, navigation, page layouts, and callouts so we can quickly see where we are going and ensure customer satisfaction.

  4. Frameworks - We use proven frameworks for efficient, effective and proven solutions.  For example, page layouts, slide-shows and carousels, navigation schemes, blogs, contact forms, (vs. the hyper-creative, cutting-edge and custom types of designs).

  5. Build and Release - Focus on getting foundation website and SEO as quickly as possible. Build on foundation with frequent enhancements, content, features and more aggressive SEO.


What to know more?

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