As we approach the holidays, I have been receiving a question from my clients seeking marketing advice – “What marketing tactics do I need to do in order to gain an edge over my competitors.” Rest assured, the answer is not to just lower your prices. I never recommend getting in a price war with any of your competitors. Why? Because you’ll lose if you want to stay in business. Remember, there will always be someone who is willing to go out of business before you just to get the customer.

So what should you do during these busy seasons? How do you win customers over your competitors through your marketing strategies? I’m going to give you 5 tips to implement in your marketing efforts that will elevate you to notoriety levels you never dreamed were possible.

Tip #1 – Put Out More Marketing Pieces During this Time

I know the initial thought, “If it’s busy, I don’t need to do any marketing.” The problem is that this thought couldn’t be further from the truth. Now is the time to do more marketing than you’ll do throughout the rest of the year. You’ll have more customers interacting with you on a daily basis which means you have more eyes and ears for your marketing pieces.

Remember, if you aren’t willing to talk about yourself, no one else will be either.

Marketing during the busiest times of year does another thing for your business – it future proofs your business by creating customers for the slower season. By getting your marketing campaigns in front of customers during this time, you’ll have the greatest chances of winning loyal customers and gaining future referrals.

Tip #2 – Use Content Marketing to Show Off Your Hard Work

During the busy season is one of the best times to implement new marketing strategies and connect with your customers through content marketing. Take advantage of content marketing tools like blogging, podcasting, and engaging with your customers through social media.

It is during the busy season that you want to use the content marketing to inform, educate, and entertain your customers. Inform them by sharing the news of your successful jobs and deals with other customers. This will help eliminate the “fear factor” of purchasing your product or service from customers by showing them that several others have by satisfied by purchasing from you. Educate your customer by introducing them to how-to videos and training tips. Entertain your customers by showing off photos of your product or service in action.

Tip #3 – Connect with Your Customers on Social Media

The fast paced, busy times of year are perfect opportunities to engage with your customers on social media. You’ll already be in front of more of your customers than any other time of year, so use that as an opportunity to stay connected with them for the rest of the year. With this strategy, it’s all about how you encourage customers to follow you on social media – what you offer them for following you.

Encourage your customers to follow you on social media. Take advantage of your higher volume of business and offer promotional rates for your goods and services when a customer follows you. Run promotions specifically on social media that customers can only get by following you. Then, make sure that you are consistently offering quality content throughout the year to keep those customers. Continually posts intriguing posts, media, and run more promotions that keep encouraging your customers to purchase from you.

Tip #4 – Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising to Capitalize on HOT Keywords

If the busy time of year is generic to your industry, you have an opportunity to have even more customers find you by running PPC Advertising campaigns. These are advertising campaigns that you set up through search engines and social media to highlight your business whenever someone searches a specific, pre-defined set of keywords.

The best part is that you can set these up to only run during your busy season. For instance, people are not as likely to search for “Black Friday Deals” in the middle of March. Therefore, businesses would not run PPC Advertising for “Black Friday Deals” during the spring months. However, you can bet that nearly every store will run as much PPC Advertising for those keywords as possible during the month of November. Pay-Per-Click Advertisements are a powerful tool for your business when you run them during the busy times of year to help your customers find you even better.

Tip #5 – Share Statements of Satisfaction from Your Customers

By definition, you are going to be working with more customers than normal during your busy season. This means you have an incredible opportunity to do some “Word-of-Mouth” Marketing. The concept is simple – as you complete work or provide the products to your customers, request that your customers provide a statement that highlights what they liked most about working with your business. Then use those statements in your marketing materials. Put them on your website. Place a quote in a brochure.

By gathering and sharing customer statements, you are now allowing others to verify what you have been saying about your company from the beginning – that you truly are the best option when it comes to providing your goods and services.

Start Implementing Your New Strategy Now

Marketing (especially content marketing) during the busy seasons are my favorite periods for introducing new marketing strategies. Not because of the possibilities of winning more business in the high-traffic season, but because, when done right, you can future-proof your business to never have slow times again.

By marketing during your busy season, you can create a pattern of growth for your company that will last for years to come. Before your next busy season, try strategizing some new content, social, and PPC marketing campaigns that you can implement and watch your “busyness” get even busier!