If you have been keeping up with the SEO trendsetters this year, you’ve probably seen a wide variety of opinions regarding the future of SEO. On one side, there have been claims of doom and gloom for search engine optimization… especially for local businesses. On the other hand, there are arguments that suggest that SEO could be its most accessible, manageable, and successful as ever. And there are opinions floating everywhere in between both of these ideas.

So, where is the truth and reality for the future of SEO? The answer is actually quite simple – it’s changing.

Following the trends within SEO means that we’ll have to put on our creative helmets and figure out how to capitalize on the changes in SEO development. Understanding these trends will help you find greater success, but you have to be willing and able to adapt to the trends to gain that success.

Let’s look 4 of the biggest trends that should impact how you approach search engine optimization.

Mobile Is the Wave of the Future

If you haven’t yet heard of or spent much time on Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMD), that needs to change TODAY! AMD’s are becoming a lifeblood for SEO development. These are pages that are designed to show up immediately on mobile devices. They are purposed to alleviate load times on mobile websites altogether.

AMD’s are not only great for websites, but they are becoming vital in search engine optimization. Search engines across the board are showing increased favor to websites that create a seamless user experience (more on that later). Google alone has gone to great lengths to favor sites that cater to mobile users, so start implementing your accelerated mobile pages today.

An Uprising of Personal Branding

Marketing Experts have been shouting this from the rooftops for several years, and SEO is starting to adopt the same mentality. Developing a personal brand for yourself and your company will enable you to gain more guest blog spots, build stronger relationships with your customers, and therefore, gain greater traffic for your website.

Social media is a great tool for cultivating your personal brand and connecting better with your customers. This practice of developing and integrating your personal brand can very strongly affect your SEO efforts in powerful ways.

Stronger Focus on User Experience

Take SEO out of the picture and this still makes sense for your website. Concentrating on developing a solid user experience for your customers that visit your site is important for so many reasons. With SEO, Google laid it out pretty simple. Google has proven that they are showing favor to those sites that focus on user experience optimization (UEO) in addition to search engine optimization.

Local Backlinks Can Save Your Local SEO

We’ve heard many times that backlinks are a crucial piece of the SEO puzzle. However, we are now seeing a greater attention to detail in how those backlinks are achieved. For the best results in local SEO, companies will need to begin finding other local sites that have great local rankings and guest posting on their blogs. This action will give you the best results with your own local SEO.

Gone are the days of chasing after general backlinks. Local SEO is taking over how we develop strategies and methods of SEO development. This means that we have to work harder to get quality backlinks from local sources. A great tip here is to look at your local competitors and see where they are getting their backlinks from.

Work Harder and Smarter

SEO trends fluctuate consistently throughout time. This means that, in your SEO strategies, you can never get complacent. You have to aggressively follow the patterns and trends that change the game on a daily basis. Your web presence is critical to the success of your business, so you are going to have to work incredibly hard and with detailed plans to ensure that you achieve the greatest success possible.

The willingness to adapt to changing trends is going to be your greatest asset in achieving success for your SEO strategies. The trends don’t have to signal defeat. Instead, they can open the door for something even greater. It all depends on you.