Us local SEO guys like to use the term “local SEO citations.”

It makes us feel important like we are talking about rocket science or brain surgery.

But local SEO citations are actually extremely simple in concept.  It’s the implementation that is the challenge.

Citations are a major player in increasing local search rankings and traffic.  In fact, management of your local SEO citations is as important as your efforts to get more Google reviews on Google maps.

If you’re not managing your citations then you are probably not ranking as high in search as you could.

This means you could be missing leads and sales.

What are Local SEO Citations?

In a nutshell, citations are a mention of your business name along with your address and phone number on a website.

For example, go to and look up your business. See your business name, address, and phone number?  That’s a citation.

Here is a list of the top local SEO citations for Colorado Springs, published by a reputable national SEO tool company.

So what’s all the yipping and yapping about citations helping with my SEO?

Well, the problem is when local citations contain wrong info. For example an old address or incorrect usage of your business name.

Why are inaccurate citations hurting your search rank?

Google depends on local citations to verify and help determine the credibility of your business. The more consistent your citations are in more places, the more confidence Google has that you are who and where you say you are.

Therefore, if your citations – i.e. business name, address and phone number – are consistent across the most important citation websites, then Google has more confidence in your business is real, and will tend to boost your visibility.

If you have inconsistent local SEO citations then Google gets confused and can lower your ranking.

Google just wants to provide the most accurate and authentic information to their users. Consistent citations help Google have confidence in your business and hopefully give you a boost in the rankings.

How does managing your citations help your local SEO?

Since Google likes consistent citations, the best Colorado Springs SEO companies want to do all they can to increase the consistency of their clients local SEO citations.

Managing citations is very labor intensive and requires hours of labor.  Typical management tasks include finding new citations sources, claiming existing citations, proving you are an official representative of the business, identifying inaccurate citations and then correcting the inaccurate citations.

Some big name citation sources are a major pain in the butt to correct. We have spent hour after hour finding and removing redundant, inaccurate citations from a single source (cough Dex).

There are paid services that help with managing citations – for example, Yext, Moz, Bright Local – but these services have their own costs and benefits. I will explore these services in future articles.

Bottom line on local SEO citations

Local SEO citations are a very important ingredient in helping your website rank higher which increases traffic and sales.

Citations are simply mentions of your business name, address and phone number (NAP) in the numerous local directory websites like Yelp, YP, Google+ and dozens more.

The local SEO citations for your business must be accurate to help your website rank higher in Google search.

Unfortunately, citations often contain inaccurate info which can hurt your rankings. Fixing citations so your info is accurate can help your rankings.

Local SEO companies like Pagecafe take care of fixing citations so you the business owner can focus on running your business.

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