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As a trusted Colorado Springs SEO company, we are always on the lookout for changes in the way Google is ranking local businesses in their search results.

In early December 2020, Google released a broad core search algorithm update. Google does this several times per year. This search algorithm update is called the December 2020 Core Update.

This is a big update with big consequences to Colorado Springs SEO for businesses.  In this post, I’ll explain what this means and why you should care about Google algorithm updates.

What is the Google Search Algorithm?

Put simply, the Google search algorithm is the math that does the work of searching for web pages to match the keyword you search in Google.  The search algorithm assigns a position, or ranking, to the websites listed in the results of the search.

The search algorithm is an incredibly complex formula that takes into consideration hundreds of factors that contribute to the ranking of the results.

What is a Google Algorithm Update?

Almost everyday Google releases one or more changes to their search algorithm designed to improve search results.  Most of these daily updates aren’t noticeable to businesses concerned about Colorado Springs SEO.

But every now and then a really big update comes along that is noticeable in Colorado Springs SEO results.  When this happens Google will sometimes make an announcement such as they did in early December 2020.  Google refers to these more significant changes as “core updates.”

Google’s December 2020 Core Update appears to be focusing on two major metrics:

  1. Searcher Intent
  2. The Expertise, Authority, Trust (EAT) of the content

Core updates like this often create news and panic because they can produce some widely notable effects. Some websites optimized for Colorado Springs SEO may see significant gains or drops in ranking following the core update.

Is Colorado Springs SEO Important to Your Business?

If your business depends on your Colorado Springs SEO to drive customers or prospects to your website, here is what you should do:

  • Create high-quality content for your website. Websites that have the most credibility and write content that best serves their users will almost always dominate the search results.
  • Make sure the pages of your website have proper technical SEO, such as structured data, to help Google rank you at the top for the relevant search query.
  • Fix any website design issues that hinder smooth user experience. This is especially important for mobile visitors to your website.

At PageCafe, we recommend you wait a few months until the Dec 2020 Core Update is fully rolled-out before you decide to make any significant changes related to Colorado Springs SEO to your website.


The SEO needs of every industry and website are different. As your SEO efforts progress your SEO needs will shift. And, as discussed, Google’s algorithm is always changing as well.  This is why you should call on a local, trusted Colorado Springs SEO company who will flex the focus of your SEO in real-time, custom crafting their efforts to your needs.

At PageCafe, we adapt our focus to your top priorities in real-time, with a nimble, hands-on approach that allows us to move at speeds that the bigger SEO companies simply cannot compete with.  Contact us to schedule a free consultation on how local, custom-crafted SEO can benefit your company today.


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