Facebook is a bane for businesses because it prefers to NOT feature business postings in peoples’ streams unless the persons are already very involved and interested in what you’re doing. Here are some quick tips for great, engaging posts for your stream so you can beat Facebook.

Be fun!

This is often easier said than done but you should consider Facebook to be, exactly what it is, a social platform. It’s a place for you to get involved with your clients on a personal level. So show them who you are and that you and your business support a fun or productive atmosphere. If your business is particularly uninteresting then it is okay to divert from being obviously relevant. Need some inspiration? Just check out these crazy campaigns that companies used to promote their product.

  • Use humor when appropriate.
  • Poke fun at your profession and its stereotypes.
  • Upload photos of your staff hard at work, or maybe of them goofing off.
  • Choose trending topics and apply them in a funny way to your industry.

Be compassionate.

Appeal to people’s emotional sides.

Watch this video from TD, who helped out their long-term clients with a personal and incredibly uplifting gesture. Try not to tear up while watching it, I dare you.

  • People adore success stories.¬†Share yours and ask to share your clients’ stories. Prompt them to share their own.
  • Find events or local charities that you can support. Even just sharing the event shows that you’re more than just a bland business.
  • It’s okay to support completely unrelated issues to your industry. A word of advice though is to avoid polarizing or political issues.

Be professional.

Alternate between posts that are just for the fun of it and posts that are very informative. Show off what you know with quality blog posts, or ask your followers to submit questions that they want answered.

  • Your Facebook is the best place to post that super helpful or informative blog you wrote.
  • Answer FAQs.
  • Make a short video explaining a process special to your company.

Be current.

Know a thing or two about something that’s trending? Then write about it. Facebook features trending topics in a panel on the right side of the screen. Some trending topics are very surprising and extremely varied. It’s hard to predict what people will be talking about but inevitably you will have a way to contribute to the conversation. Note: Don’t be too polarized in your choice of topics. You don’t want to isolate any clients because of strong political, religious or other beliefs.

  • Pay attention to “days”. There are plenty of unique and fun commemorative days that may be relevant to your industry.
  • Check your Facebook Insights to get an idea of who your audience is and choose topics accordingly.
  • Utilize sites like Reddit and BuzzFeed to see what people are interested in. Highly shareable content will keep your followers engaged, even when you’re not posting specifically about your business.

Be involved.

Use that like/share button with other peoples’ posts as well. Follow other people in your industry and support their pages. Get involved in your clients’ lives. Let people know what you’re up to and follow what they’re involved in as well. A great example of this is PETCO’s Facebook page. PETCO regularly features heart-felt stories, fun photos of pets, and engaging posts about fun animal facts.

  • Search for other hashtags related to your industry and see what people are saying. Share what you find that sparks your interest.
  • Reading a great article? Share it.
  • Need ideas for what your clients are looking for? Go to Google and start typing a sentence relevant to your industry. See what Google expects you to say to finish that sentence. That will give you an idea of what other people are searching for.

Get them involved.

Let your followers know what projects your working on. Construction? Take photos of your latest build and the final product. People love before and after stories. Dentist? Take photos of before and after dental work. Salon? Take photos of you and your long-time favorite client. When you involve your clients, they share your story on their stream and it will reach hundreds more people than it would by yourself.

  • Ask questions. Like the FAQ above, there is a higher probability of engagement when you ask questions.
  • Encourage visitors to your location to take photos and share online.
  • Share reviews and stories of you and your clients online (with permission, of course).

Use photos!

People are significantly more likely to share, like or click on a post that uses quality photography. Remember this key point: people scanning Facebook aren’t looking to read a long paragraph about a business. They want to be entertained, informed or both. Catch their attention with a great photo conveying your point and then link that image to the article you want to share.

Facebook may be a pain sometimes but it is still a great platform if you recognize it for what it is, a social circle. How you involve you and your business in that circle displays who you are to your clients and builds a rapport that you could only otherwise do through one-on-one contact. Consider it your soap box, but use it wisely.