Is SEO During the Pandemic Still Good for Local Businesses?

Aug 17, 2020

COVID-19 has quickly changed the world, and you might be wondering whether your local Colorado business should be focusing on SEO during the pandemic or taking a break. While cutting out digital marketing might save some cash, this move can have disastrous effects on your bottom line results. Below shows what the pandemic has done to search traffic and why you should continue to focus on SEO during these troubling and strange times.

SEO During the Pandemic: How COVID-19 Has Impacted Search Traffic

When the coronavirus pandemic forced businesses to send employees home last Spring, internet use skyrocketed. More than ever before, people began using online meetings and streaming apps, social media platforms, and search engines.

In a time marked by a change in interests and needs, consumers have turned to Google to get answers to their questions and find ways to solve problems. Interestingly, paid search traffic has dropped dramatically. So, if your business was relying on paid ads for advertising to secure leads, it may not be as effective.

Why SEO During the Pandemic Is Still Good for Local Businesses

The truth remains that businesses that focus on SEO will be the ones that consumers find in organic searches. SEO proves vital for standing out above your competitors when someone is looking to discover a new brand or make a decision about a purchase. Beyond this, here are several more reasons why your local business should continue its search engine marketing efforts with an experienced Colorado SEO expert during these difficult times.

SEO During the Pandemic Can Produce Business

When the economy takes a downturn, you want to focus your efforts on marketing that can produce results. When you show up in the search engine results for the right keywords, people are going to visit your website or give you a call. Provided you have the rest of the formula in place, your SEO efforts are the first step toward reaching your business goals.

Search Results are Measurable

As a Colorado business, you want to put your marketing dollars towards something you can measure. Unlike some other branding efforts, search marketing is measurable by looking at your analytics and sales leads.

People Search More When Things are “Scarce”

Remember what happened with toilet paper just a few short months ago? When goods are scarce, the search for them goes through the roof. If your business can be in the search results when some scarcity event happens, it will reap the benefits.

Evergreen Content Is Still Essential

There’s nothing wrong with writing about trending topics, but the traffic to those pages will decline with time. There’s never a bad time to focus on and publish evergreen content that will stand the test of time and continue to accumulate rankings and traffic.

SEO: More Than Just Website Traffic

The purpose of SEO isn’t just to increase website traffic, although more traffic is a good sign. As your business gets more visibility in the search engines, more people will recognize your brand name, even if they’ve never clicked on your link. In the long-term, you’re going to get more qualified traffic to your website that will translate into sales.

Getting Help With Your SEO During the Pandemic

Even though the country and consumers are facing unprecedented changes, this isn’t the time to put the brakes on your digital marketing efforts. If your business would like to develop a strategy to boost its SEO during the pandemic, we encourage you to contact us for a conversation about the next steps.

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