If you’ve been paying for SEO services, then you know it’s not cheap.

Many Colorado Springs businesses owner want to know how much does SEO cost?

And you might be wondering, is this SEO stuff really worth the cost.

Many business services are costs.  For example, accountants and lawyers are not cheap.  But unlike SEO these two common business services are well understood.  All business owners come to know the value of a good accountant and lawyer to the health and well-being of their business.

I always say my accountant does not cost, he “pays.”  The reason is my accountant saves me thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of time every year.  I love my accountant!

But you might not be clear on how SEO pays you versus being a cost.  I know many of our customers aren’t.

So, how does SEO pay rather than cost?

SEO Increases Sales

Search Engine Optimization i.e. SEO is exactly that, it is the “optimization” of your website’s content, design and reputation so that Google and other search engines rank you above your competition. This is what gets you found by your customers that are looking for your goods and services.  Enough said.

SEO Makes Happy Visitors

SEO, when done correctly, has a major impact on the design and content of your website.  SEO makes your website better organized for the needs of people searching for your business. SEO keeps a steady flow of fresh, relevant content on your website.  These are the things that make searchers happy, which contributes to increasing your leads and sales.

SEO Gets You Better Customers

SEO drives better-qualified customers to your business because SEO increases the focus of your website on the specific needs of your target market. The more your website is geared toward the specific needs of a search, the better qualified your websites leads will be. As all business owners know, the best customers are those that are a great match for your business.

SEO Saves You Money

Most local businesses need a continuous flow of new customers, so most need to advertise in one form or another. TV, radio, newspaper ads and other forms of traditional advertising are expensive.  In many cases, SEO can be equally or even more effective than these forms of marketing while costing hundreds or even thousands less to implement.

SEO Grows Your Business

SEO has many intrinsic benefits that pay you back above and beyond the cost of the SEO service.  Good SEO gets you found by your best-qualified prospects and those people often become your best customers.  These factors combined to make SEO a great value in your marketing budget.