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Why do you need an SEO Checkup Report from Pagecafe

Assess your competition

Every day your competitors are working hard to outrank you on Google. The SEO report will show you how you are stacking up SEO-wise compared to your competition.

See if your SEO is working

Most SEO companies are using out-dated methods and/or limited SEO tactics. The report will show you the good, bad and ugly about your website’s SEO.

We explain the report to you

Just like with a medical report, you want an expert to explain the report to you, and answer your questions in plain English.

Get a free quote

After we go over the SEO Checkup report and discuss your online marketing objectives, we will give you a reliable quote for an SEO Management program that will get results.

View a sample report

Click here to view an SEO Checkup Report for a random company in Colorado Springs that we do not work with.

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