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There are dozens of Colorado Springs web design companies? Which one is best for you?

Is your website helping or hurting your business?

You need your business website design to bring in customers—but if you’re not careful, it could be driving them away.

The complaint we hear the most from business owners in Colorado Springs and nationwide is “My website just sits there doing nothing but wasting money. I never get any inquiries or leads from my website.”

Does your website drive customers away?

It's not all about you

Is your website design all about you and how great you are? This is irrelevant and annoying to consumers who will often click away in less than 30 seconds.

Instead, express your greatness as a benefit for the consumer. Show how you can solve their problems, help them achieve their goals, and make their lives better.

No compelling offer

Your web design should be set up with clear objectives and be built to convert.

Most businesses need to have two offers on every page of their website. One for the prospects who have an immediate need, and the second offer for those who are still researching solutions to their problem.

Old, slow and/or cluttered

No matter how great you are at what you do if your web design is outdated looking or slow to download it’s going to drive customers away.

Your website needs a modern look, fast download speeds, easy navigation and a concise message that immediately gets the visitors attention and compels them to contact you.

Why Pagecafe? Because you want leads and sales.

Results oriented design

Many Colorado Springs web design companies just focus on the look of your website. We focus on your top business objectives, such as increasing leads and sales.

We design your website from the ground up with a razor sharp focus on getting the results you want.

Search Experience (SX)

We take a unique big-picture “search experience” approach to your web design.

SX will help you learn about “why” your web visitors are searching for your services. This allows us to optimize the searcher’s experience to satisfy their needs, and convert them to customers.

Value for small business

Our customers are small businesses so we build websites for smaller budgets.

We are a small business ourselves and our lower overhead allows us to build attractive, result-oriented websites that are a great value for the small business owner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most common questions we hear from local business owners. Click a question to see our response.

How will a website help my business grow?

A website can be a powerful advertising tool for your business. Your prospects are going to search for your services online.  Your website is a key ingredient in getting found by these prospects. A website with a clear and concise marketing message that has a high rank in the search engines will create new leads and sales for your business.

How much does a website cost?

The cost of developing a website varies and depends on the number of web pages you need and the look and feel you want for the website. A typical website for a locally oriented business will range between $2,000 to $8,000.  If your industry requires an artistic or unique website look and feel, ecommerce, or custom application then more effort is required then the price can exceed $8,000.

When will I start to see results from a website?

It depends.  If you have a good search engine optimization (SEO) program in place you could see results in a matter of 3 to 12 months.   If you don’t have a good SEO program then you will need to drive visitors to the website via other means such as traditional advertising (newspaper, direct mail, TV, radio, etc.) before you see results. The time required for SEO to position your website at the top of the search results if a function of the competition for the keywords you are targeting.  Niche industries with little competition will rank sooner than highly competitive keywords with many businesses competing for the top spots.

What is required to build a website?

Building a website is similar to building a house, you do it in phases.  Here are the essential phases of building an effective website:

Purpose – Define the goals, requirements and success criteria for the website.

Research – Analyze and define keywords, target markets, competition and content requirements.

Marketing – Determine your value proposition, authority, uniqueness, credibility, and call-to-action statements.

Blueprint – Define the site map, home page layout, internal page layouts, visual design elements, typography, and photos – Create the web pages, menus, graphical elements, forms, extensions, headers, footers, etc.

Content – Develop the content for individual web pages to include hiring writers, creating the copy, and producing photos, images, videos, etc.

SEO – Perform the technical steps of SEO.

Launch – Go live with the website.

Freshness – Add new content on a regular basis to keep the site fresh and relevant to your customer’s needs.

Maintenance – Monitor web visitor behavior and search engine ranking and adjust to improve results.

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SEO Driven Digital Marketing Services

As a local search engine optimization (SEO) company serving Colorado Springs and cities nationwide, we understand the importance of city-level SEO to the growth of your company.

To win customers via local SEO you need to adopt a buyer-centric approach.  That is why we implement SEO campaigns within the framework of a well defined digital marketing strategy.