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Is your website content still good but the design looks like a relic from the nineties? 

website makeover packagesAre you frustrated by your old, tired website? Do you need to modernize your outdated non-mobile friendly website but can't afford an expensive redesign?  Is your website content fine, you just want to freshen up the look and system software?

We might have exactly what you need.

A frequent requests we get is to upgrade or makeover an older website to a modern Content Management System (CMS) that is secure, easy to maintain, mobile friendly and modern looking.

We created this website makeover package to simply the process of updating your old website quickly and at a great price.

Every website upgrade makeover is a little different so we still provide a custom price quote for each project. We have found that 80-95% percent of the tasks in upgrading a website are the same, and we’ve gotten very good at it.

Here is our standard process for upgrading an old website to a modern beauty of the web.

  • Content Management System (CMS): Your new website will be built in the popular and powerful Joomla CMS and use a powerful template that is attractive, mobile friendly and very flexible in terms of creating an attractive website appearance.

  • Look and Feel: The look and feel will be based on a template that is designed by professional web designers with extensive knowledge in modern website look and feel techniques. The look will use current trends in font, colors and layout.

  • Color Scheme: The new Joomla website will be very flexible in terms of color schemes, you can choose from a variety of color schemes. Or we can keep the same color scheme of your existing website. If you want a new color scheme we can include that for no extra charge. We will discuss this before starting and show you options for new color schemes before we start.

  • Header: The header of a website is the area at the top of all your web pages that includes your logo, slogan, contact info and navigation.  We will create a simple yet attractive header for your new website. The look of the header will be based on the color scheme of the template. 

  • website makeover mobile friendlyResponsive Design: The new website will employ responsive design which means it will be mobile friendly. The new website will sense when being viewed on a mobile device and will automatically convert navigation, layout, content and font size to be phone friendly.

  • Content Layout: The layout of the old website may need to be changed to accommodate the responsive design. In most cases this means column usage and the way content is “stacked” may need to be changed. All changes will be to enhance the appearance and usability of the new website on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

  • Website Features: All existing website features will be in the new website, unless excluded in our quote. The following features will be upgraded to modern technology so functionally may change: blog, slide shows, photo viewers, FAQ pages and social media share buttons.

  • Text Content: All existing text content will be brought over to the new website. No changes will be made to text.

  • Navigation: All existing menus and links will be brought over to the new website.

  • Stock Photography: All existing photos and images will be brought over unless the quote includes updating stock photography, which is often a good idea for a modern look.

  • Contact Forms: Existing contact forms will come over exactly as they are on the existing website.

  • SEO: All search engine optimization (SEO) will come over including title and H1 tags, meta tags, anchor text, alt tags, search engine friendly (SEF) URLs, and canonical tags.

  • URL Redirects: If the URLs change from the old to the new website we will create redirects for the top 20 most popular URLs on the old website.

  • Training: The Joomla CMS makes updating your website content a breeze. We include an hour of training on how to update existing articles and add new articles to your website.  Usually this training takes less than 30 minutes. We also include "how to" help screens to help you update your website. 

Stop watching your visitor traffic and search engine ranking drop because of an old, tired, outdated website.  Contact us for a fast and reliable quote for a upgrade and makeover of your existing website to a modern CMS with responsive design.


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