Pagecafe Digital Marketing

A Digital Marketing Company with a Focus on Local SEO

The Pagecafe Digital Marketing company specializes in local SEO, content marketing, web design, and website management.  We are headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO.

Our digital marketing company helps legal professionals, medical practices, skilled tradesmen, professional services and locally exclusive companies thrive by providing all the best SEO services minus the ridiculous fees charged by big agencies.

What to Expect from Us

Everything our digital marketing company does for you will be focused on increasing your exposure to your most qualified prospects and converting those visitors into increased sales.

Our goal is to be known as the best SEO company in Colorado Springs for innovative and cutting edge search engine optimization services.  

We will listen to your needs and create solutions based on your goals. You can rely on us to create an online presence that fits your taste and style while generating the results you need.

Allan Todd Colorado Springs SEO Consultant

Allan Todd

Director & Founder

The Pagecafe Digital Marketing company is directed by Allan Todd. He is a digital marketing expert with more than 22 years of experience in marketing, SEO, content marketing, and website design.

Since 1997, Allan has worked with hundreds of business clients both in Colorado Springs and nationwide.  Allan has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with majors in Marketing & Computer Science. Previously, Allan was a program manager for Northrup and an Air Force Officer.

Origins of the Pagecafe Digital Marketing company

Back in 1997, our founder Allan Todd built his first website for a local Colorado Springs business (still a customer).  At that time websites were a novelty but Allan saw that the future for local business advertising would be online. So he decided to start an internet marketing company.

Why “Pagecafe” for the name?

Allan loves coffee and coffee shops.  The openness of conversation, the idea that you go there to meet old friends and perhaps new ones, the comfort and casual nature of sipping on a hot cup of joe.

Coffee-related terms were the hip internet metaphors back in the 90’s – think JavaScript, BeanShell, Cybercafe, CoffeeScript, etc.  Allan wanted a short and easy to say company name. So while building a web “page” and sipping a triple espresso mocha in a “cafe” he chose as his corporate moniker.

What Makes Us Different, and Better?

Local SEO Focus

We specialize in local SEO for local-oriented business. We stick to those core service areas we know and understand.  This allows us to deliver results usually much better than a general full-service digital marketing company or agency.

Comprehensive SEO

We don’t sell silver, gold or rainbow cookie-cutter SEO packages. We know from experience these static digital marketing programs don’t work as well as providing the right SEO services that match your priorities. We flex our services to meet the current reality of your business needs to ensure we hit your goals.

Direct Access to SEO Experts

The bigger digital marketing agencies often use an SEO expert to pitch you, then after you are sold they stick a young, low-level employee on your account. At Pagecafe, you’ll get an SEO expert with many years of experience to directly oversee your SEO services.  You will have direct access to the SEO expert.

Our Passion

The thing that gets our heart rate soaring is when we see your revenues grow from the efforts of our digital marketing company. We love getting a smaller, locally owned business to rank higher than the big brands in town.

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