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Do you own a local business that needs to get found on Google? We understand the critical importance of your visibility online; that is why we provide a total, done-for-you digital marketing service.

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Customer Reviews

Karen Dunne
Maven Design Studio
{Al and his team have a depth of expertise that is unmatched. They have been doing this almost as long as the internet has been around. That kind of experience is hard to find. I highly recommend them to business owners who need their business to be found in Colorado Springs.
James Newby
James Newby Law, Colorado Springs
{Pagecafe Digital Marketing does my internet marketing and SEO. This team is amazing. I am so happy with their service that I recommend them to anyone who will listen. Sincerely, they care. Thanks for all you have done for me!
M. Patricia Marrison
Marrison Family Law
{This is the company that put us on top of Google. Our business more than tripled. They are at the top of Google because Al really knows SEO. If you aren't on the first page, you need this man. Worth every cent we spent!
Daniela Galvan
Galvan & Gardner Property Management, Colorado Springs
{Working with Al and the staff at Pagecafe Digital Marketing has been a pleasure! I have learned so much! Pagecafe has helped us re-shape the way we look online and we continue to grow in the right direction! So far I have recommended Pagecafe to anyone that I know!
Bob Berry
{Al is a master of the art of local SEO! The personal attention and SEO consulting he provides are far more relevant to my needs than what the big cookie-cutter SEO companies offer. He understands my business and that's reflected in the online results I get from his work.
Mike Blickenstaff
Blicks Fencing
{Thanks for your effort in all this. I realize you get paid for this effort but so many people only do the minimum. You go the extra distance and make it happen.
Bill Herholtz Au.D.
Apex Audiology, Colorado Springs
{[After trying many SEO companies, we hired Pagecare] Allan was very responsive and, unlike my previous providers, was able to communicate with me on a level that we both understood. I saw our organic traffic rise and many improvements were made to our site. ... The personalized service and communication were excellent and Allan did everything he said he would.
Dr. Dan Paull, M.D.
Easy Orthopedics
{Al is truly an SEO guru. He knows all the ins and outs of search engine optimization, and how to get found on google. Real good guy.
Aaron Morton
Pikes Peak Mechanical, Colorado Springs
{Al has been great to work with over the years. He works hard and does what he is able to, to accomplish what you are after. He and his team have done great work, not only on the website side of things but also doing what's needed to get all your info out there like it is supposed to be. Give them a try!
De L
DML Computer Repair
Al is an SEO and web design genius! It takes a little bit of time. This isn’t advertising, it's way better! PageCafe is worth every penny and is the most knowledgeable Search Engine Optimization agent in the area. Stop wasting your money. You’ll sleep better at night with PageCafe taking care of your online presence.
Chris Havekost
Prodigy Gym
It is so hard to find someone in the website industry you can trust. From start to finish, Al has underpromised and over-delivered. My website generates more traffic and leads monthly than it did in all the years before Page Cafe! I cannot say enough about how his website and customer care have helped my business.
We have worked with Al and his team at Pagecafe for our new web page design and SEO services. They are easy to work with and always up-to-date with the trends. The team takes the time to get to know your business so that they can promote your webpage in the best possible way. I highly recommend Pagecafe!
CW Crumm
American Esthetic Medical Equipment
{Pagecafe's staff led me through the minefield that is web design, creation, organization, and SEO. Pagecafe and their staff took my website from below average to one of the best sites in our space.
Bobbi Nickerson
Clearly Colorado Water Delivery, Colorado Springs
{We are thrilled with the SEO and web design services we've received from Pagecafe. We are getting swamped with new business! Fifty new accounts in September alone!!

We Believe You Deserve

A digital marketing strategy based on your needs and goals.

To get honest answers to your questions and concerns.

Results based on your objectives (not ours).

Quality copywriting created in the USA.

Service from a team of experienced professionals.

Prompt response to calls and emails.

Let’s Take This Offline

Request your free, one-on-one, 30-minute exploratory consultation with a senior digital marketing strategist.  After your free consultation, you’ll come away with 3 invaluable things:

  1. An initial diagnosis of why your current digital marketing efforts aren’t working for you.
  2. Recommended next steps to fix your biggest problem areas.
  3. An invitation for a detailed, customized Website and SEO BLUEPRINT.

Services We Offer

Digital Strategy

Our Done-For-You digital marketing strategy eliminates your frustration related to optimizing your online presence and performance. You take care of your clients. We’ll take care of your digital marketing.

Local SEO

Local SEO puts your Google map listing and website at the top of searches for your most important keywords. 


SEO Web Design

If you want a website designed to attract and convert, then you must include SEO strategy in the web design and content.


Regular blogging improves visibility in Google. It makes you look smart and real, which attracts and converts.

Social Media

Gen Y & Z check Instagram roughly 11 times each day. They will look at your social media and judge you. Be prepared! 


Website management actually has a huge impact on improving web ranking, traffic and leads. This area is not rocket science, but it is often done wrong.

About Us

Pagecafe Digital Marketing is based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We specialize in digital marketing including SEO, content marketing, website design, social media marketing, and other tactics on the web-based lead generation spectrum.

How are we different?

The critical difference is that we view every business relationship as a long-term partnership. We believe in the vision and mission of your businesses. We adapt our digital marketing services to fit your needs.  

We have the same capabilities as the larger digital marketing and SEO companies, but our nimble, hands-on approach lets us move at speeds they simply can’t.

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Seven Common Digital Marketing Problems We Will Help You Overcome

Your Competition Outranks You

Being crushed by competitors in Google is the biggest concern we hear from local companies. You can outrank your competition but you have to put in work before that happens. The key to outranking your competition is to analyze their digital marketing tactics – i.e. know your enemy – and outsmart and exceed what they are doing!

Schedule a free consultation to learn your competitor’s secrets.


This is more a fact of life than a problem. Essentially an SEO company needs time because the work involved can’t be rushed. Similar to dieting or strength training, you cannot do a big burst of SEO and get long term results. Google considers big bursts of SEO tactics un-natural and a tactic of spammers. Successful SEO requires a sustained, focused effort to show great results that will last.

SEO is expensive because it takes management, strategy, research, expertise, creativity, user experience, hands-on effort, complex tools, and hours and hours of staring at a computer screen.  This mix of high-end skills and labor hours is why SEO is expensive. SEO is a long-term investment for a business that should pay dividends. If you believe SEO is too expensive then you’re not getting the right results.  Contact Pagecafe for a free SEO consultation and start getting SEO results that are worth more than what you spend.

When people go to Google and search for products and services and find a business, they always ask themselves two important questions: 1) Is this business an authority on what I need? and 2) Can I trust this business?

Your website messaging and design must focus on these two questions to maximize conversions. If your website is not focused on building authority and trust then contact us to start a conversation about converting your website into a conversion machine.


We get calls on this problem a lot. To improve your rank on Google Maps we perform an extensive list of one-time and on-going tasks to maximize the visibility of your Google My Business (GMB) listing. Unfortunately, your business address has a major influence on your ranking. There are many ways to improve your visibility on Google maps, call us to brainstorm ideas for your business.

This is the very problem we solve.  Our SEO company provides not only SEO services but also website design, content updates, hosting and website management.  Contact us for a free SEO management quote.
Sorry to hear this but there is a silver lining. Your website may actually be a great foundation for SEO but just need the expert SEO finishing touches to get it fully optimized for Google.  We can run an SEO audit on your website and create a list of steps needed to make your website an SEO powerhouse.  Contact us to arrange a free SEO audit and consultation to explain the results.

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