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Digital Marketing Services

The mission of our digital marketing company is to guide passionate local businesses through the maze of city-level search and social marketing to increase leads and sales.

Local SEO

Local SEO puts your Google map listing and website at the top of searches for your most important keywords. 


SEO Web Design

If you want a website designed to attract and convert, then you must include SEO strategy in the web design and content.

Social Media

Gen Y & Z check Instagram roughly 11 times each day. They will look at your social media and judge you. Be prepared! 


Website management actually has a huge impact on improving web ranking, traffic and leads. This area is not rocket science, but it is often done wrong.


Regular blogging improves visibility in Google. It makes you look smart and real, which attracts and converts.

Digital Strategy

Our Done-For-You digital marketing strategy eliminates your frustration related to optimizing your online presence and performance. You take care of your clients. We’ll take care of your digital marketing.

About Us

Pagecafe Digital Marketing is based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We specialize in local SEO services, content marketing, social media marketing, website design, and other tactics on the web-based lead generation spectrum.

How is our digital marketing company different?

The key difference is that we view every business relationship as a long-term partnership. We believe in the vision and mission of the businesses we work with. We adapt our digital marketing services to fit the needs of each client.  We have the same capabilities of the larger digital marketing and SEO companies but our nimble, hands-on approach lets us move at speeds that they simply can’t.

How You Get Results

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Done-For-You (DFY) Digital Marketing

We get it. Your tired of dealing with SEO, social media, blogs, directories and website issues. You just want your digital marketing “handled” so that it works and actually delivers results.  You want more traffic. You want more leads. You want sales and ROI. Not geeky jargon, reports, bells-and-whistles and blah-blah-blah.

You are in business to do what you love and fooling around with digital marketing is not high on your passion list. Our mission is to scratch digital marketing off of your to do list so you can focus on doing what you love.

Strategies Crafted to Your Business

We flex the focus of your digital marketing services in real-time, custom crafting our efforts to your needs. Why is this beneficial? Because the SEO and social media needs of every industry and website are different. Google’s algorithm is always changing. Instagram constantly releases new features.

As your digital marketing efforts progress your social and SEO needs will shift. We adapt our focus to your top priorities in real-time.

Content Marketing

Content marketing, in the form of blogging and social media, is how you target, engage and convert prospects into customers. Great content builds authority and credibility.  Content marketing, blogging, social media and SEO go hand-in-hand to make your digital presence a lead-generating machine.

SEO Website Design

Don’t lose prospects from search engines due to poor website experience. Searchers are trying to solve a problem, does your website convey that you are the best solution? SEO web design is how your website attracts and converts your ideal prospects.

Website Management

What does website management have to do with increasing your leads and sales? The answer might surprise you. Website loading speed, security, reliability, scalability, WordPress optimization, and a variety of other website hosting factors are key elements of providing you the best SEO services.

Who We Serve

We specialize in these local industries…


  • Medical Clinics & Practice (Med Spas, Skin Care, Audiology, etc.)
  • Law Offices (Criminal, Family, Injury, Bankruptcy, etc.)
  • Health Insurance Brokers (Independent, Medicare)
  • Recruiters and Staffing Agencies (Technical, Speciality.)
med spa digital marketing
lawyer seo digital marketing
health insurance broker seo digital marketing

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Seven Common SEO Problems We Will Help You Overcome

Your Competition Outranks You

Being crushed by competitors in Google is the biggest concern we hear from local companies. You can outrank your competition but you have to put in significant real work before that happens. The key to outranking your competition is to analyze their SEO tactics – i.e. know your enemy – and outsmart and exceed what they are doing! Our SEO services include constant monitoring and assessment of your competition so you receive SEO services directly targeted to out-performing your competitors SEO efforts. Contact us to receive a free competitor analysis.


This is more a fact of life than a problem. Essentially an SEO company needs time because the work involved can’t be rushed. Similar to dieting or strength training, you cannot do a big burst of SEO and get long term results. Google considers big bursts of SEO tactics un-natural and a tactic of spammers. Successful SEO requires a sustained, focused effort to show great results that will last.

SEO is expensive because it takes management, strategy, research, expertise, creativity, user experience, hands-on effort, complex tools, and hours and hours of staring at a computer screen.  This mix of high-end skills and labor hours is why SEO is expensive. SEO is a long-term investment for a business that should pay dividends. If you believe SEO is too expensive then you’re not getting the right results.  Contact Pagecafe for a free SEO consultation and start getting SEO results that are worth more than what you spend.

When people go to Google and search for products and services and find a business, they always ask themselves two important questions: 1) Is this business an authority on what I need? and 2) Can I trust this business?

Your website messaging and design must focus on these two questions to maximize conversions. If your website is not focused on building authority and trust then contact us to start a conversation about converting your website into a conversion machine.


We get calls on this problem a lot. To improve your rank on Google Maps we perform an extensive list of one-time and on-going tasks to maximize the visibility of your Google My Business (GMB) listing. Unfortunately, your business address has a major influence on your ranking. There are many ways to improve your visibility on Google maps, call us to brainstorm ideas for your business.

This is the very problem we solve.  Our SEO company provides not only SEO services but also website design, content updates, hosting and website management.  Contact us for a free SEO management quote.
Sorry to hear this but there is a silver lining. Your website may actually be a great foundation for SEO but just need the expert SEO finishing touches to get it fully optimized for Google.  We can run an SEO audit on your website and create a list of steps needed to make your website an SEO powerhouse.  Contact us to arrange a free SEO audit and consultation to explain the results.

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