How Can My Local Business Get Leads Through SEO?

Mar 17, 2020 | Enhanced Visibility

If you’re running a local business, you need to choose the right SEO strategy to help your company stand out and get leads. Local SEO is vital to help people in your area find your business. Yet, many local Colorado small businesses still fail to harness their potential. Here, we give you some expert tips to get leads through SEO to attain a higher level of success.

Use Google My Business to Get Leads Through SEO

The first step is to use Google My Business (GMB). List your business here and it will add your business to the Google map of your area. As a result, people in your area searching for your kind of business will be able to find you. Make sure you supply accurate details though!

Get Leads Through SEO by Getting Reviews

Reviews are an exceptionally powerful lead generation tool when you’re considering a local SEO marketing strategy. They offer key social proof your business is doing the best job.

More reviews also mean higher Google rankings. Make sure you list your company properly on the primary review platforms, such as Facebook and Yelp. Then, take the time to persuade your customers to leave reviews themselves. If you get bad reviews, don’t ignore them. Customer service is vital, so always respond professionally, quickly, and accountably. You can turn that negative into a positive very easily.

Use Social Networks

Using social networks to generate local leads is a great strategy. This approach will boost awareness of your brand. Meanwhile, social shares will create organic backlinks to your website that increase your local SEO visibility.

Creating Relevant Content

Creating local, high-quality content proves extremely valuable when it comes to generating local Colorado leads. Just share your knowledge and you can make your business an authority in the Colorado Springs sector. Focus on the things you offer your clients and customers. The loyal clientele will improve your reputation, make your business stand out, and attract more shares.

Research Keywords

Identifying the keywords that have relevance to your company will help you get leads in SEO.. Customers will use those words to find companies in their areas. Therefore, using those keywords in your content will make your site appear more often and higher in Google rankings.

Be Mobile Compatible

Being mobile compatible in such a digital age will enable you to get leads through SEO. People carry out more than half of all Google searches these days on mobile devices. Ensure you’ve designed your website to be mobile-friendly. Also, make sure your site loads quickly.

Getting Help with Your Local SEO Marketing

If you’ve followed the tips above but still don’t seem to be succeeding in your local marketing strategy, don’t panic. Pagecafe is here to help you with all your local marketing and SEO needs.  Contact us to schedule a free digital marketing consultation today.

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