How to Find Your Website Ranking on Google

May 18, 2020 | Engaging Websites, Enhanced Visibility

Understanding how to find your website ranking on Google should be very high on your Colorado business priority list. Ranking in the top positions or at least the first page of search results on Google ensures that your SEO campaign is delivering on its promises. Even when your website ranks well, observing and understanding trends and changes helps you to track your competitors. So, how do you find your website ranking on Google? Here are some top tips.

Fluctuations in Your Website Ranking on Google

Search results are increasingly variable and in real-time. Your keyword rankings may change on a daily or even hourly basis. Five key factors play a role in search results:

  • Localization – Often, businesses near the searcher’s physical location appear first in the rankings, especially for local-oriented keywords.
  • Algorithm Updates – Google constantly refines and tweaks its algorithms, driving search results. Changes affect your results either negatively or positively.
  • Personalization – Google uses previous browsing habits to show the most relevant search results.
  • User Engagement – Results that get a lot of clicks to get a boost in the rankings, especially when they receive a lot of user engagement.
  • SEO Campaign Efforts – Improvements to content, backlinks, or your website’s structure will improve its visibility in Google search results.

So, how can you see where your site ranks at any given time?

Using Search Console to Find Your Website Ranking on Google

Google’s search console offers average values to show where your site ranks for a range of search terms. Those aren’t exact figures. Yet, this diagnostic information comes straight from Google.

To use the search console, you need to register your website first. Then once registered in Google Search Console, you’ll sign in, select your website from the provided list, and click “search traffic” and “search analytics.” This shows the keywords you’re ranking for and which are generating click-throughs. Next, click “Impressions,” “CTR,” and “Position.” You can choose the filter so you only see your company’s results if you wish. This gives you relatively accurate data about your ranking position.

BrightLocal Is Not Free, But It Can Find Your Website Ranking on Google

There is a suite of BrightLocal SEO tools that you can use to check your Google ranking. The Local Search Results Rank Checker (click to view on the BrightLocal website) is useful and free. It also supplies screenshots that you can save and review later. It’s possible to enter targeted keywords and a location, too, so you’ll see localized results.

Using Private Browser Sessions

All major browsers provide private browsing sessions. Private Browser Sessions prove useful if you want to carry out manual checks. However, bear your location in mind. Your results can become artificially inflated this way.

However, you are able to disable the search’s location element. Also, if you choose keywords that have no local influence, your results will be a more accurate representation of your ranking for locations father from your business. You can use your private browser session by opening your favorite incognito browser and searching keywords. You should do this in multiple locations and then cross-reference your results.

SEO Services and Packages

Today’s search engines have numerous variances and inputs that can affect your Colorado Springs website’s ranking. This means the process of finding your website ranking on Google can be complicated. Using a professional Colorado Springs SEO service or package will ensure you get the best and most accurate results. Professional SEO companies will provide rank analysis and tracking as part of your deal, which makes it easier to stay on top of your SEO campaigns and ensure they’re working for you.


Finding your website ranking on Google truly is extremely important to the growth and success of your business. Ensure you get accurate results by working with a professional SEO and digital marketing company. We are a Colorado Springs local business with expert knowledge on finding your website ranking on Google.

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