SEO for Lawyers

Sep 21, 2020 | Digital Marketing

Since most people now access information using search engines, SEO for lawyers just makes sense if you want your law firm to get found and chosen by potential clients. Sure, there are plenty of ways that your firm can attract new business, but digital marketing should be a priority.

SEO is an excellent tool for lawyers, and here’s how a systemized approach to SEO can help your Colorado law firm rise above its competitors.

Why SEO for Lawyers Is Vital

The internet has made it more competitive for businesses of every kind to get noticed, and that includes your law firm. Thanks to the surge of online review sites and the ease of use of search engines like Google, clients can quickly research your firm and make decisions – even if they have a personal referral.

No one uses the Yellow Pages anymore to find an attorney. According to Google’s Consumer Survey, 96% of people seeking legal advice turn to a search engine.

And even though many consumers might need some type of help, most searches (62%) are unbranded. This means that a person types in something along the lines of “family attorney near me” or “estate lawyer in Colorado Springs.” Knowing this, you can improve your odds of getting found in these searches by investing in SEO for lawyers.

The Ins and Outs of Legal SEO

Don’t make the mistake of approaching SEO for your law firm without a strategy. You probably wouldn’t do this with a legal case, so your digital marketing plan should be no different. And the first step to an effective SEO strategy comes by picking a skilled internet marketing company.

Some of the SEO services you can expect to receive include:

Review and Analysis

It’s tough to create a plan when you don’t know where you’ve been. The first step should be a thorough review and analysis of your current website and search engine rankings.

Keyword Research

This involves finding the keywords that are most likely to get you converting clients. The search terms must be relevant, have good traffic levels, and not be too competitive.

Website Optimization

Your website must be optimized to be “search engine friendly,” as well as attractive to your visitors. Updating your website is generally a technical process, but you should be involved in any aesthetic changes.

Content Creation

Informative, relevant, and regularly updated content draws users to your website and keeps them there. Content should be optimized for your chosen list of keywords that can help you achieve organic search engine rankings.

Local Search

Your efforts should be focused on your local area. This means including local search terms as well as focusing on optimizing your Google My Business page.

Another important aspect of Google is customer reviews. Google needs content to rank your business, and the more content it has, the higher it will rank. Customer reviews are a top way to increase your company’s ranking on Google and with potential clients. SEO experts are skilled in both increasing your Google rankings and increasing your customer reviews. Learn more about why Google reviews help SEO here.

Backlink Plans

Spammy backlinks from nonrelevant overseas sites are a terrible idea and will harm your efforts. But, when your page slowly gets links from other authority websites, this can improve your search engine rankings.

SEO for Lawyers: Make it a Priority

Whether you’re trying to build business for a new law firm or maintain your success, SEO for lawyers should be an essential part of your digital marketing strategy. Once you properly optimize your website, you’ll find that you are connecting with clients at every stage of their journey. But, if you don’t, there’s a good chance your competitors will.

At Pagecafe we can help your firm get found, noticed, and chosen by Google through strategic and results-based SEO tactics.

Contact us for a free SEO consultation today to learn more about our wide range of digital marketing services for law firms.

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